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Frontline Manager® is skills training designed to increase organizational performance by helping first-level managers become true leaders.

Core Skills Training for Frontline Leaders

Whether you’re developing leaders or becoming one, Frontline Manager® can help

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Invest in your organization’s success by training your frontline leaders

Frontline Managers: An organization’s largest population of leaders, they are closest to the core business processes of an organization. They are typically responsible for overseeing the daily operations, including the activities of front-line employees, who interact with customers directly. They are responsible for production of goods and provide essential business services, and often spend much of their time on day-to-day administration and direction of a team.

The Frontline Manager® certificate is now available in both English and Spanish versions.  

The Importance of Training and Development

Why is training and development so important, both for the individual and the organization? Subject matter expert Tracy Burns shares some insight here:

A streamlined path to upskilling for businesses and individuals

Frontline managers are integral to helping an organization reach its business goals. But without the tools they need to succeed, they are immediately at a disadvantage, putting both business strategies and employee engagement at risk. Frontline Manager® offers a solution: affordable, flexible, quality training in the skills that help transition an individual into a successful frontline leader.

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Featured Courses:

Frontline Manager®: Introduction to Supervision

Self-paced and highly interactive, the Frontline Manager: Introduction to Supervision course details the fundamental nature of a supervisor’s role and the basic management principles that apply to it. It also provides a close look at the top skills that are essential to any supervisor’s success, and gives the learner a chance to assess their own supervisory skills.

Frontline Manager®: Navigating Your Organizational Culture

No two organizations are the same – each one has its own distinctive culture: the rules, both written and unwritten, that govern how employees interact and do their jobs. Frontline Manager®: Navigating Your Organizational Culture helps frontline leaders understand and strengthen their role in maintaining their organization’s culture.

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