Frequently Asked Questions

Frontline managers sit at the very first level of management across a company’s business operations and functions, and are utilized in just about every industry and market. They make up 60% of a company’s management ranks, and directly supervise as much as 80% of the workforce. That gives the Frontline Manager® training an extremely broad audience, with multiple industries and individuals that can benefit from developing and enhancing their skills in topics like supervision, communication, leadership, coaching, and team development.

No — there are no prerequisites or requirements, so the certificate is appropriate for all learners. No prior experience is necessary.

The Introduction to Supervision course will take approximately 6 hours, and the Frontline Manager® Simulation around 12 hours. The remaining 8 courses should take approximately 2 hours each to complete. You can therefore expect around 34 course hours associated with the Frontline Manager® certificate.

The Frontline Manager® Simulation course puts you in the role of a frontline manager or leader, and asks you to draw on your knowledge, experience, and judgment to make a series of decisions. Each decision triggers a different set of potential outcomes, and you are graded on the result of every decision you make. It is designed to help you challenge, refine and further develop your skills as a frontline manager.

Learners should begin with the Introduction to Supervision course, and finish by completing the Frontline Manager® Simulation. Learners can take the remaining courses in the order in which they choose.

It is absolutely appropriate, and highly beneficial. Frontline managers are integral to helping an organization reach its business goals. They are the representation of a brand – interacting with customers, speaking to vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing employees. They are, in essence, a company’s strategy in motion and the key to its success. By providing this streamlined path for upskilling to first-time managers, organizations are helping them develop the skills they need to increase their chances of success in their role, in their relationships with the employees they supervise, and with customers and key partners.

The Frontline Manager® courses have been designed with the first-time manager in mind, so they are appropriate for learners with no prior management training or experience.

The Frontline Manager® courses are all administered online. However, for groups of a certain size, a hybrid learning option with both online courses and in-person instruction may be available through the Acuity Institute.  For more information on this option, contact Jennifer Adams (

In order to be awarded the Frontline Manager® certificate, all courses and the simulation must be completed. A course will be considered complete when the learner has done all assignments, exercises, review checkpoints and has received at least a 70% on the course final exam.

You have 12 months to complete the courses and the simulation.  The courses are self-paced and can be completed in less time.

No, the Frontline Manager® certificate does not expire.