The Frontline Manager® Story

Frontline managers sit at the very first level of management across a company’s business operations and functions, and are utilized in just about every industry and market. Studies show that they make up the largest portion of a company’s management ranks, and directly supervise the majority of the workforce. They are the representation of a brand – interacting with customers, speaking to vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing employees. They are, in essence, a company’s strategy in motion and the key to its success.

Person with magnifying glass.

Yet despite their proven importance, surveys show that few organizations invest sufficiently in the development of their frontline leaders.

Frontline Manager® was developed to change that. We believe that the key to increasing performance is by helping first-level managers become true leaders. By offering affordable, easy-to-access quality training, we provide businesses and individuals a streamlined path to successful upskilling.

The Frontline Manager® certificate and courses are now available in both English and Spanish versions.