Why Investing in Your Frontline Managers Is a Smart Business Move

Manager at desk

Frontline managers make up 50-60% of an organization’s managers, and manage up to 80% of that organization’s workforce. That means they are interfacing with customers and employees constantly, and have a huge influence on how much revenue the organization brings in. Even so, CEOs rarely spend face-to-face time with the managers that are so crucial to the productivity and profitability of their businesses. CEOs must spend more time interfacing with these frontline managers and make an effort to build relationships. 

Frontline managers are the backbone of every business. They are the drivers, and the managers of the majority of a company’s workforce. They often know what makes a customer tick more than those in the C-suite do. The success of the company depends on how well prepared these frontline managers are to take on the organization’s vision and strategy and make sure they are front and center in everything they do. 

See the graphic below for more reasons to invest in your frontline managers.

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